World Class Muay Thai Instruction Comes to Orange County, CA

11x World Champion Nathan “Carnage” Corbett has moved to Orange County, California from the Gold Coast of Australia, to bring world class Muay Thai instruction to OC.

At the moment, Nathan is in the process finishing up a seminar tour around the United States to promote his arrival in the United States. His tour included stops in: Denver, Philadelphia, Winston-Salem, Austin, and Los Angeles. He is currently offering seminars, affiliates, sponsorships as a brand ambassador, but will soon offer private + group instruction.

While Nathan is extremely accomplished with his 11 World Titles, this is simply one reason why students would seek Corbett’s instruction in Orange County. More closely to the bottom line is what he can offer you as a coach because Nathan embraces his present role as a coach. Speak with him for a few minutes and you will clearly see why he is a role model who’s leadership extends beyond technique, to include teaching other important areas such as mindset and not simply being a trainer who holds pads well. While some achieve the elite level of becoming world-class athletes and others world-class coaches …very few are both. More specifically than possessing world-class knowledge is his famous elbows which are studied by practitioners + fighters from multiple combat sports and scenarios, including: Muay Thai, MMA and self-defense. The truth is some styles used by legendary fighters like Buakaw and Saenchi may not be an ideal fit for westerners due to having a thicker build. Besides the effectiveness of elbows finishing fights, Nathan’s elbow system is practical compared to the acrobatic kicks used by the aformentioned Thais.

“Currently the best non-Tha Muay Thai fighter”

– Ernesto Hoost, 4x K-1 World Champion

Check back for updates on where Nathan Corbett will teach in or near Orange County, California or follow him on Instagram for updates.