Top Muay Thai Gyms in Orange County, CA

Orange County is arguably the most prevalent area outside off Brazil for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instruction to choose from and undisputedly, southern California lays claim to this title. Although a complementary martial art to BJJ, authentic Muay Thai training is less common. Here is a list of gyms that in our opinion offer both quality Muay Thai and kickboxing instruction in Orange County and surrounding areas, in no particular order:

Orange County

Nathan Corbett Muay Thai

Seuua Daao Muay Thai

  • Instructor: Aaron

Rising Sons Thai Boxing

  • Instructor: Bryce Krause

Carrillo Muay Thai

  • Instructor: Jean Carrillo

OC Muay Thai

  • Instructor: David Jansson

Team Oyama

  • Instructor: Colin Oyama
  • Instructor: Romie Adanza


Outside of OC

Los Angeles

The Yard

  • Instructor: Mark Komuro

Sityodtong Los Angeles

  • Instructor: Walter Michalowski



  • Instructor: Joey Pagliuso

San Bernardino

Double Dose Muay Thai

  • Instructor: Brian Dobler

San Diego

Blue Ocean Muay Thai

  • Instructor: Alexander Palma

The Arena

  • Instructor: Vince Salvador